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Earthlink Kids Merino Wear

Earthlink Apparel

Born out of a desire to stop corporate uniforms going to landfill, Earthlink partnered with several organisations to explore ways to re-purpose unwanted uniforms and fabrics.

Funding was granted and the project ran for three years - Unfortunately it was found to be unsustainable for Earthlink to carry on with the project after the funding had finished, so in mid 2018 we had to stop taking corporate uniforms.

However, one branch of the apparel project was doing reasonably well - Earthlink Kids - This was initially paused, in late 2018, while a more realistic model was developed.


Earthlink Kids restarted in May, 2019.


We've now opened a shop to sell not only Kids Clothing, made on site here at Earthlink, but Adult Clothing and accessories from our corporate recycling project, which have been re-purposed, or left as new for resale.

Earthlink Kids Merino Wear
Corporate Uniform Recycled
Corporate Uniform Recycled
Recycled Fabric