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Earthlink Does Recycling!
We're BIG on Recycling!
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Whiteware Collections

Our Recycling Department provides valuable work experience for our clients.

Stripping Electronics for recycling
What We Take.

 (Among Other Things)

 TV’s & Computer Monitors. ($10 charge each for these)

Stereo Equipment - Speakers - Amplifiers - Turntables


Tape Machines - Walkman - CD Players

Computers - Laptops - Printers - Networking - Cards.

Cabling - Switches - Plugs - Adapters - Frames - Racks.

Washing Machines - Dryers - Dishwashers - Ovens.

Sports Goods - Bikes - Exercise Machines - Scooters.

Motor Scooters - Mowers - Tools - Motors

CRT Televisions - CRT Monitors.

Good Furniture - Shelving - Book Cases - Antiques.

Bric-a-Brac - Art - Porcelain - Glassware - Cutlery - Crockery.

CDs - Records - Audio Tapes - DVDs.

Estate Clearances.

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Earthlink On Seven Sharp.

You can drop goods to us at the shop.

Or you can leave them with our staff at the Earthlink Bay at the Silverstream Landfill

We can also arrange to Pick Up from your home or workplace - Give us a Call or use the Contact Form to arrange this.

 04-5677-111 Option 0 (Shop)

Recycling Wooden Items.

End Of Life Wooden items are put to good use too.

 Either for reconditioning, or to create something completely new.

There's a fantastic craftiness to many of our restorations too.


Earthlink Acknowledges The Valuable Contribution Of Hutt City Council.

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Earthlink is a Member of wasteMINZ.

Earthlink is a Member of Zero Waste Network

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