Earthlink Kids

 Earthlink Kids turns Used Textiles into Fashion Items

Earthlink Apparel was launched as an operational business in 2014.

Our aim – To divert previously wasted, end-of-life, corporate apparel and textile resources.

Talks about embarking into products for the clothing world started in 2012, as part of Hutt City Council’s ‘Silver Lining’ initiative.

The initial pilot project, largely focused on the recovery of end-of-life New Zealand Post and Kiwibank uniforms, resulted in over 40,000 garments being recovered – Saving some 40 tonnes of textiles from being disposed of offshore or in landfills.

Earthlink estimates it managed to repurpose or recycle a total of 100 tonnes of corporate apparel up to November 2017.

Publicity through mainstream media has resulted in a number of large, national businesses approaching Earthlink, to provide recycling of end of life apparel as part of their own environmental responsibility policy. This continues to build momentum.

Ethical disposal of obsolete corporate apparel fits with Earthlink’s two core values – Our clients and our environment.

We’ve been really fortunate to have some wonderful designers and tutors on board since this project began. They’ve supported the ladies employed, to produce really high quality, fashion children’s wear.

Earthlink is currently running Earthlink Kids as our primary outlet for much of our high quality fabrics. We’re selling top quality children’s clothing on the website and on Trade Me.

We’re also researching other repurposing ideas that will work for the New Zealand environment with ethical disposal of corporate apparel

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