Support and Referral Process


Step One :

You complete the referral form and post it to us. Or you initiate the process by completing the on-line referral form on the Apply Page on this web site. On receipt we will reply via email, or phone you to arrange an appointment.

Step Two :

At the interview we’ll work through how you want to use our service. We offer everything from work preparation to immediately looking for employment for you. We’ll outline options available to you, and you determine what path you’d like to take. You may choose to work with a career consultant at this time.

Step Three :

If you choose to work with a career consultant, we’ll work through a career plan with you. Establishing a set of goals to work towards. We’ve identified this process as being the most beneficial way of working. However we remain adaptable to your needs and wishes – So we’ll ensure these are met first of all.

Step Four :

The level of input you want from us, in relation to job search and placement, will determine the level of support we can give you in your job. At this time we’ll help you create a simple WRAP plan (Wellness Recovery Action Plan) – This will assist you to more easily identify issues with your mental health and will put in place actions to help yourself through – With as little disruption to work as possible.

Step Five :

When providing on-going support we prefer to work with both you and your employer. There are many advantages to being able to do so, to help ensure a stable work placement. However, whether or not you choose to disclose your disability to your employer is your decision. We will not put any pressure on you to do so. At this support stage, having a WRAP plan, for early intervention should there be issues, is extremely advantageous.