Evidence Based Supported Employment

Evidence Based Supported Employment refers to service provisions wherein people with disabilities, including mental health, drug and addiction concerns and other barriers to work, are assisted with obtaining and maintaining employment. Supported Employment is considered to be one form of employment where wages are paid at atĀ least minimum wage and employment is in the open workforce. At Earthlink we seek to adhere as closely as possible to the IPS model of supported employment. Evidence has shown that the closer the IPS model is followed the better the outcomes are.

Services we provide

  • Help you find the job that will suit you, based on your preferences, strengths and experiences.

  • Work closely with your other support services to aid in establishing a fully supportive back to work program.

  • We find jobs in the open labour market. jobs that suit your abilities not disabilities.

  • Assist with ensuring a smooth transition from benefit to wages.

  • Job search can start immediately.

  • Once a job is found our supported employment consultants provide on-going support.

  • We seek to work with your employer to ensure any difficulties are quickly and quietly worked through.

  • Disclosure is your choice. however we encourage an open and honest relationship with your employer. It may depend on the amount of involvement we have in obtaining your job as to how we will shape your employment support.

Other ways we may help

  • Career counselling and career planning

  • CV’s and cover letters

  • Job interview practice

  • Job shadowing

  • Work experience placements

  • MentoringĀ 

  • Job coaching

  • Employment agreement advice

  • Access to MSD’s Mainstream programme